Posted November 2015

Sometimes dreams can give us a revelation or insight into a situation that has been a constant on our minds or in our hearts. I have a better understanding of the loss of a loved one's reach and the deep sorrow that lingers over the years. Time takes care of some of the pain but never really frees us from the longing. We don't live in the past but the past lives in us and so we go on living the best way we know how but the lost pieces of ourselves continue to remind us that the journey is brief and that we need each other.

We are all feeling sadness and a sense of loss of control of or lives over the recent events. We naturally mourn and our minds go back to what we consider better days.

There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to keep traveling toward the end. Never accept defeat because something is just too hard to do. Go for it! In your wildest dreams you are the awesome victor over tough situations. People need you and sometimes you get to save the day for others and most days you are a force to be reckoned with! Keep believing in yourself and live in gratitude. You have purpose, you have strength and you have what it takes!

Managing to get through a tough day is cause for celebration! You did it gracefully, you did it with class! Better days are ahead. You know you can get through anything! Keep it going, stay strong and don't give in to the mundane. You are meant for so much more!

We hurt for the people we love when they are going through the difficulties of this life because we have experienced hurt, and loss. We know that thoughts and prayers count. Become part of the solution if you have the opportunity. What is it that you can do? A kind word is soothing and a kind act is therapeutic. Spend time listening and not trying to solve the situation. Give what you can. Give of yourself.