Success requires planning, it requires resources, and it requires skills. However, having the right tools and knowing how best to use them is often what is missing from people's lives. With Coach Thru Life at your side, you'll not only see how the tools are at your fingertips but see just how easy it can be to make them work for you.


With the demands of modern life, finding a balance can be tough. But finding that balance is what enables us to make good on plans, reach professional goals, and enjoy relationships. By partnering with a life coach, you'll discover a world of opportunity and personal growth.


It's always easier to get things done when people pool their resources and talents. It's the backbone of any thriving community, business, or organization. Group coaching provides a forum and offers opportunities to build skills and learn how to effectively work together.


Intense and engaging, retreats and workshops are designed to break your routine. You get to engage others as well as do a good amount of self-reflection and concentrate on making your everyday better. Keep your eyes open for topics that interest you.


Are you looking for an engaging, inspiring and entertaining professional speaker for your next conference, convention, summit, retreat, break out session, opening or closing keynote? 

Audiences are captivated, connected and ready to act! Kathleen's real world experiences as a coach to high achievers, her understanding of making the most of the adversity in your life, her experience as an accomplished trainer and her extensive knowledge in personality profiles -- allow her to deliver high energy sessions that provide leadership development results! Kathleen interacts with audiences in ways that are humorous and sincere, but help leaders have employees who produce more stay with the job longer, and complain less.


There are ways and means to take dealing with difficult people to a whole new level! This material is chocked full of tips, ideas, and techniques that you can apply to your work and home simply and with ease. Kathleen shares concepts such as how to shift your thinking; what labels work and which ones just don't; what you can do to keep difficult people out of your office; and how to engage employees to put their intuition and these proven methods into action for measurable results and positive outcomes.


 Ever ask yourself if it's time to change jobs?  This is the program for you and your associates!  Learn your natural personality traits, strengths and weaknesses and how to capitalize on the knowledge of understanding self and others.  The proper blending of the four main personalities in your organization can create harmony, increase productivity and establish a workplace that everyone is eager to get to and enjoy!


We all have had our share of difficult and adverse times lately! None of us is immune to the changing and challenging economy and the concessions that we have all had to make in order to survive. Choices must be made in order to survive and thrive. Will you get better or bitter with each decision you make? Tough Times University is the place where you receive the best education under what is often the worst of situations! Tough Times University, where the quality of education is equal only to the quantity of pain and difficulty one is willing to overcome. Do you have what it takes?


·        Develop employee skills and abilities

·        Challenge employees to perform their best and as self-sufficiently as possible

·        Drive performance results that meet the needs of the group and the business

·        Build high levels of employee commitment

·        Increase productivity by maximizing your resources

·        Build constructive working relationships with your staff

·        Provide leadership to encourage progress not only today, but also in the future

·        Maximize the use of your time so that you can have the greatest impact

·        Reinforce quality performance and employee accountability

·        Make your life as a manager just a little bit easier